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Dungeness Crab Fishing in San FranciscoDungeness Crab Fishing out of San Francisco and Half Moon Bay offers "Pots of Gold" waiting for a few friends or larger groups wanting private charter boats.

Bring some friends for an open load crab combo fishing trip, or charter a private crabbing boat and load up on a pile of San Francisco's world-famous Dungeness crabs.

You have a special window of opportunity to catch crabs during the month of November, BEFORE the commercial fleet drops hundreds of thousands of crab pots.

Get your friends, family, coworkers and social groups together for a day of crabbing. Crab combos combine Dungeness with salmon fishing or rockfish & lingcod for an extra special catch (this is prime fishing season for bottom fishing and big lings!).

Many of our families and corporate groups charter a boat annually, and follow up with a huge traditional Cioppino Party or Crab Feed.

Reserve now for Dungeness crab fishing trips from early November through the holidays or later (late spring), depending on the crab season.


Stay tuned for a special announcement as there is a growing likelihood that for this crabbing season, the legal limit will be raised from 6 to 10 Dungeness Crabs per person for California sport fishing charter boat anglers. You are welcome to call any time for the current status.





Dungeness Crabbing in San FranciscoDungeness Crab Season along the San Francisco Bay Area Coast opens in early November. That includes the waters of San Mateo County up to Marin County, with boats out of Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Sausalito, Emeryville and Berkeley.

The legal crab season lasts from November to June, with most crabs caught early - before the holidays - when everyone wants them for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years dinners.

The prime crabbing time covers the first few weeks of November, when only sportfishing boats may legally catch crabs. After that, competition become fierce due to commercial crabbers as a few hundred thousand crab pots are dropped in every corner of the Continental Shelf from near shore out to the Farallon Islands. Great crabbing usually lasts through Christmas, and often into spring.

Crabbing San Francisco waters is extremely competitive. Luckily, strikes often delay the commercial crab boats, giving us additional premium crabbing time.

Weekends are in demand!
Reserve Now!


We specialize in San Francisco Crabbing boat trips.

There are very few premium sport fishing only weekends for the Dungeness crab season. Reserve early... even a year in advance for private charters.

We take particularly good care of business groups for Corporate Offsites, team building events and employee appreciation parties.









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Please send inquiries to: PotsOfGold@DungenessCrabFishing.com

San Francisco Crabbing offers a Pot Full of Dungeness Crabs, and maybe limits of Salmon or Rockfish & Lingcod for hungry Bay Area fishermen.


Cooking Your Crabs:

Many of our trips include the option to have your crabs cooked upon return to the harbor. Let us know if this is required for your crab catch.

However, it is easy, and always fun (and in our opinion, much better) to cook your own crabs.

There's plenty of info on the Web, but it really is just as easy as boiling water in a big pot. Just ask if you need a little help.






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